The moment you set foot in our facility, you will notice we are unique, one and of its own. A hybrid facility to meet the need of your fitness goals. A clean welcoming atmosphere that radiates positive vibes and a subtle yet insanely motivating culture, where colleagues gather train and sweat. Hunting for those natural uplifting endorphins that fuel our days and keep us focused on the goal. To live life to the fullest. We welcome you with open arms no matter your experience level. If you are serious about getting results, look no further than Southpaw Fitness.


Nestled in the big military town of Warner Robins Georgia, harbors a facility that calls upon fitness enthusiasts to gather and take part in high-intensity fitness classes designed for one purpose and one purpose only, to get you in the best physical condition imaginable. Southpaw Fitness, an all-inclusive hybrid gym features certified and knowledgeable coaches that are hands-on and demonstrate safety, support and best practices. We invite you to join us and experience the broad range of classes we offer. Here you can meet new challenges, new friends and enjoy the journey to your fitness goals.


820 A HWY 247, Kathleen GA 31047

(478) 302 - 5027

[email protected]