Welcome to the the Southpaw Cubs Martial Arts & Fitness Program, where kids learn how to defend themselves, build confidence and train for physical and mental well-being. 

With a properly designed and supervised program Martial Arts & Fitness training can be a fun way for kids to build healthy muscles, joints, and bones. The cubs Program offers many benefits to kids all kids, from sports kids to kids who simply want to look and feel better. In fact, this program may put your child on a lifetime path to better health and fitness.

Southpaw Cubs will train:

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

USA Boxing


Strength & Conditioning

For kids, what are the benefits of Martial Arts & Fitness training?

  • Your child will attain higher situational awareness.
  • Your child becomes much less likely to be bullied.
  • Increase your child’s muscle strength and endurance.
  • Help protect your child’s muscles and joints from sports-related injuries.
  • Help improve your child’s performance in nearly any sport, from dancing and figure skating to football and soccer.
  • Develop proper techniques that your child can continue to use as he or she grows older.

Keep in mind that strength training isn’t only for athletes. Even if your child isn’t interested in sports, Martial Arts & Fitness training can:

  • Strengthen your child’s bones.
  • Help promote healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Help your child maintain a healthy weight.

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